Since early 2000

Bryan Tribble was known as a professional songwriter 

Back in 2000 bryan signed a contract with sugarland to cut around 10 of his songs he wrote 

Later went to MERF music where 50 songs he sent to them was put on hold From every artist he sent to 

Bryan has been songwriting since he was 12 years old 

Just turned 56 already is a very talented songwriter and known through the country music industry 

He has had songs on hold from rock

 hip hop blues jazz 

Willie Jones had his songs only 5 times 

Bryan is truly a masterpiece of a songwriter skills that didn’t come over nigh 

The Music he plays proves it>act=1#

The Tribble Brothers

Has started a new journey

We have decided to go ahead with the project 

tour and recording things are slow right now because we are working on more than just recording and touring 

we have even started to work on getting the business side of things started 

we have already started working with getting the sound production perfected and now the band has started working on the things that we need to do  things with the business and traveling and recording and doing the marketing and production work as well as we are going to be doing some big projects 

get ready for the next big project coming your way s

We are #75

On independent radio chart



For bookings contact 

And manager

Annette Colbert black 



We are on most any country radio station in and around the United States and world

Want to support us call your local radio station ask them to please play our music

The Tribble Brothers 


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Bryan Tribble

It’s official The Tribble Brothers Will be doing a project for under The Steve Harvey Production

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We welcome

Travis Bishop

Our newest addition 

a professional lead  guitar lap, steel guitar player drums, /fiddle 

keyboard / vocalis


The Tribble Brothers

Jerry Gafford

Member from 1999- now

Terry has been our drummer for years 

now playing bass 

professionally I

might add 

Terry  now on bass 

We welcome our newest member

(“Andy More “)

We welcome (“Andy more”) and except his kindness and respect for the longtime soon to be professional musicianship

Welcome back David Palmer

Cousin by blood

David Palmer
he not only is a tribble by blood but looks so much like us he almost could be brother  he plays keyboard and

For bookings contact 

And manager

Annette Colbert black