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Bryan Tribble

It’s official The Tribble Brothers Will be doing a project for under The Steve Harvey Production

Get your tickets here

We welcome our new pedal steel guitar player

Dylan Murch

Our newest addition 

a professional pedasteel guitar player 

The Tribble Brothers

for  bookings contact 

And manager 

Annette Colbert black 



Jerry Gafford

Member from 1999- now

Terry has been our drummer for years 

now playing bass 

professionally I

might add 

Terry  now on bass 

We welcome our newest member

(“Andy More “)

We welcome (“Andy more”) and except his kindness and respect for the longtime soon to be professional musicianship

Welcome back David Palmer

Cousin by blood

David Palmer
Mom,  was me and keith aunt our dad’s sister he not only is a tribble by blood but looks so much like us he almost could be brother  he plays harmonica and keyboard and  sings